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Can I provide my own tumblers for engraving?

We have spent a significant amount of time researching and testing various brands of tumblers to find quality tumblers at an affordable price. We do not engrave on pre-purchased tumblers due to the unknown quality of the tumblers for engraving purposes.

Do you apply any finishes to your cutting boards?

We use a food grade mineral oil on the boards.

Why is the engraving on my board lighter or darker than what is shown on your website?

Because the boards are made of all natural woods, the engraving will vary depending on the specific grains of the boards. Each board is unique and one of a kind.

Do you offer local pick up/delivery?

Yes, local pickup/delivery is available in the greater Rhinelander area. Please contact us to discuss making arrangements for local pick up/delivery.

Do you provide shipping?

Yes, we currently ship within the United States.

Do you provide wholesale pricing?

Yes, please contact us at to discuss wholesale pricing.

Do you provide bulk order pricing?

Yes, please contact us at to discuss bulk order pricing.

Are you able to engrave my logo?

Yes, we will work to engrave your logo. Please provide a copy of the logo in a PNG or SVG format.

Are you able to create a custom item or design?

Yes, please reach out to us and we would be happy to work with you on a custom item or design. Please note, a customized design fee may apply depending on the complexity of the design.

How do I get in touch with you?

Please fill out the form in the contact us section on our website or send us an email at

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We do not accept returns or exchanges and all sales are final. However, if there is an issue with your order, please reach out to us directly via email at

What is your turnaround time?

We do our best to fulfill and ship orders within 7-10 business days, sometimes sooner. Please note that turnaround times may be longer during holidays, and can vary depending on items in stock and current production schedule.